May 29, 2011

Day #5--Fan Mail

Today I decided to do challenge number 357 in THE BOOK------>
which was to write a fan letter to someone you greatly admire. I never realized how many people I admire/like a ton!! But out of all of them I picked the person who inspired me the most (and is in fact the most likely person to write me back; I thought that Mumford & Sons might just be a little too busy with, you know, being awesome all the time && stuff) so it is!..........*drumroll*......


He wrote my favorite book series: The Sword of Truth Series consisting of 11 or so books all about 50000000000 pages long (um kidding, more like 300/400 pages). They are fantasy genre and are absolutely, with out a doubt, fantastic!! You may have heard of these books through the crap tv show they made based off of them, "Legend of the Seeker." I can't, however, completely disregard the show, because if I hadn't seen an episode or two of it, I never would have discovered the books. Which would have been tragic; I seriously read them all every Christmas.

So anyway, I won't post the fan letter I am writing him here, first of all because it isn't anywhere near done, and I wan it to be perfect. Second of all, because it is pretty personal.
Writing a good fan letter could actually be really rewarding. And I'm super excited!!!!! I'll let you all know if he writes back :D


 hehehe the cover to my favorite book in the series :)